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Our releases are distributed through bandcamp but you can also find us on Spotify, Shazam and many other 3rd party platforms.

Corrode VA

Corrode VA

Degraded goods & heavy badness is upon you! Wonk#ay Records presents "Corrode" - a compilation of 140bpm bangers running from the gigantic, through the gritty and right into the gloomy realms of broken steps. It all comes together by falling apart - play at own risk...

The Tronic VA

The Tronic VA

Wonk#ay Records presents ‘The Tronic’, 9 tunes guaranteed to chew you up and spit you out. Fam keep it dark and twisted, exploring what you can do with beats and bass, drums and subs. No compromises, take a deep breath of the Tronic.

Do the Contagious VA

This halloween there is no holding back with this monster compilation of tracks set for any hellish mood smashing moody Midtempo vibes all the way through to rinsing Drum and Bass. You are the infected, now get on the dance floor and show us what shapes you got!

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Our releases can also be found on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, Shazam, Deezer, Tidal and many many more...


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Neuro/DnB/Bass Music
Neuro/DnB/Bass Music
Neuro/Bass Music
Neuro/DnB/Bass Music
Neuro/Bass Music


We provide a platform for artists to promote underground music.

We are proud to be a Multi-Genre, Free label distributing quality beats to the global community.

Our Mission

We are a collective of like-minded musical talents all brought together by the common love of spreading quality experimental beats to all you lot through digital and physical releases.

Born in 2004 from a concept to bring free club nights of experimental music to the masses, Wonkay quickly grew in popularity and was seen to be a new driving force within the Brighton club scene. It was not long till the label was born in 2008 and their first release hosting a range of international artist was launched from Predominantly focussing on Night Time and Dark Psychedelic Trance. In 2011 Wonkay then started broadening the playing field with their releases in Bass Music, Neurofunk, Drum & Bass, Mid Tempo, Glitch, DubStep, DubFunk, Techno and more!

team memeber 1
team memeber 1
team memeber 1


Got some tracks for submission, need to get in touch with us about artist bookings or you're just after some general Wonk#ay info about what we do then get in touch.

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We provide a platform for artists to promote underground music. Got beats we’d like? Send them to us through the contact form.

Thank you for supporting us over the years, we have been very lucky to have all of you throughout our journey and we look forward to many more years of experimental music.