Producer / DJ
Ghetto Bass / DnB / Neuro / Half-time

|dɪsˈtɒpɪk| noun [abstract proper noun] Artistic prodigy with a view of infinite possibility. Music not restricted by commercial limitation, typically through the use of divergent sources and extreme low-end frequency. London based Dystopik is a young visual & sonic artist, whose uniquely distorted view of the world is evident in all of his work.

From a very young age, he has been creating his trademark sought-after artwork & commissions. Sound was a natural progression from this, and he began producing music at the age of 9. He began his notorious yearly DJ sets on Wonkay’s Bassbin at Boomtown at the of age 12. This provided him a platform to further expand and develop his sound.

Mentored by his ‘big bro’ Kursa, & taking inspiration from the likes of Noisia, Eprom and Alix Perez; Dystopik constructs a disarray of beautifully mangled sound.

Dystopik is the name to watch. The pulse of the next generation sounds like this.