Neuro / Bass Music

A Bristol-based nerd with a deer gimmick and a dedication to keeping dance music weird. Has the kind of wanton manic brain that refuses to stick to a specific genre from one tune to the next, creating branding and expectation difficulties. However, can always promise that the Deer’s live sets will be pulsing layers of rhythm and bass, varying in speed and intensity, but always designed to make you move in natural, but surprising ways.

Also part of the Mothers Against Noise crew, with Seppa, Myr and [Insert Gore], who hosts a radio show on every two weeks. Makes the comic Motion Hole, whenever the musical side of the personality isn’t dominating. Tweets a lot of stuff that is probably terrible for brand synergy. Plays a lot of Street Fighter. Likes long walks on the beach and “good vibes”.

Has released music with MostlyAllSorts, Broken Bubble, Circuitree Records, and, of course, the badboys at Wonk#ay records. And bandcamp. Seen blasting music loudly at various gigs, such as Noisily Festival, Boomtown, Wonk#ay Spesh Events, Jungle Syndicate, Hodgepodge, Tiki, Trust in Bass and Hurtdeer’s Bedroom.