Shindy Design

Official WONK#AY Illustrator

Shindy Reehal is a self-taught Illustrator/ Designer from London, U.K. Currently based in Bristol. With comic books and music as heavy influences, Shindy has been drawing, painting and creating dark, detailed, comic style imagery since a very young age and has extensive experience in Illustration, Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Shindy's main influences range from comic artists such as Simon Bisley, Kelley Jones, Glenn Fabry, Frank Frazetta and many others from the DC, 2000ad and Marvel comics companies.

With previous album cover pieces for underground Punk bands The KADT, Luvdump and UK Hip-Hop Artists Leaf Dog and BVA, as well as other Artists such as My Bad Sister, Shindy is also currently working on various comic book stories as an Illustrator with up and coming writers in the U.K. These and many more projects past and present continue to present his versatile drawing styles and knowledge of various mediums.